Company Profile

In service to architects and developers for over 95 years, Sanwa Tajima’s custom architectural metals, innovative in design and unsurpassed in quality, continue to provide the means by which imaginative architecture and design become reality.
Sanwa Tajima architectural metals epitomize the skillful blending of traditional craftsmanship with the most progressive metal fabrication and finishing techniques known, resulting in superior metalworks of the broadest possible range.
We proudly present the diverse works that follow as representative of our efforts in curtain walls, entrances and storefront systems, ceilings, grilles, handrailing and a variety of ornamental metalwork for interiors and exteriors.
If these contents stimulate your interest or prove of use as a reference for your current or future metalwork needs, we sincerely anticipate the opportunity of serving your project with the finest products in the world – SANWA TAJIMA architectural metals.

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Custom-made products

  • ●Curtain Wall
  • ●Metal fronts and screen
  • ●Metal interlor and exterior decorations
  • ●Ornamental metals etc.

Standard products

  • ●Wall panel〈EXCEL〉
  • ●Revolving door series
  • ●Shop fronts
  • ●Slim framed tempered glass door
  • ●Stainless frame fire resistant door etc.


  • ●monument
  • ●Relief
  • ●Clock tower
  • ●Sign etc.
Company Profile
Company Name: Sanwa Tajima Corporation
President and representative director: Yoshiyuki Maeda
Establishment: June,1918
Capital: ¥100,000,000
1918 Under leaderships of Junzo Tajima, Founder and first president, manufacture of the first architectural metalworks and metal art works in Japan began.
1938 Reorganized as a joint-stock company.
1954 Osaka branch Office was established.
1957 Nagoya branch Office was established.
1961 Moroyama Factory opened at Moroyamamachi, Saitama.
1965 Nagoya Factory opened at Inuyama city, Aichi.
1979 Main factory moved to Moroyama Factory and designated as Saitama Factory.
1999 Head Office moved to Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.
2006 The name of company was changed to Sanwa Tajima corporation.
2007 Became a group company of Sanwa Holdings Corporation when Sanwa Shutter Corporation was reorganized to become a holding company.
Saitama Factory
Nagoya Factory

Custom-made Products

Curtain Wall

The specially-engineered, functional beauty of our custom curtain walls
nearly leads the casual observer to forget that these high-precision
products are designed to withstand the most severe wind, rain, snow
and the most extreme temperature fluctuations.
Whether of stainless steel, bronze or other superior metal, these systems
are striking examples of intelligent architectural space.

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Sash & Exterior etc.

Sanwa Tajima’s product designs contribute to unique buildings that stand
solid even in harsh environments with great presence.
The processability and durability particular to metals unleash the
possibilities for architecture and permit the creation of intricate shapes
on sash, balconies, ceilings and roofs. Original spaces are produced by
stainless steel with excellent durability, bronze with its solemn look, and aluminum for places requiring lightness. Each metal has its own
characteristics, with its own textures and shapes matching perfectly with
stone and tile exterior materials. Our metal processing techniques enable
unlimited possibilities with metals.

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Entrance & Screen

To both tenants and passers by the image of a building, sometimes the image of an enterprise, is projected most clearly and immediately by the quality and the distinction of its entrance.
Sanwa Tajima’s expertise in all facets of entrances and storefronts, including framing, revolving doors, canopies, grilles and others, allows you to entrust this most important space to a single source
accustomed to producing metals of unparalleled excellence.

Entrance & Screen

Ceiling & Interior Metals

From fashionable hotels to commercial buildings, from national and local governmental offices to large sports and cultural complexes, Sanwa Tajima uses the diverse properties of metals, both technical and artistic, to create entrances, lobbies, halls, and ceilings appropriate to the design concept of each interior space.

Ceiling & Interior Metals

Grillwork & Railing

Intricate grillwork and custom railing systems both require an attractive metal product, perfectly executed. These metalworks demonstrate a depth and breadth of experience rarely seen in today’s architectural metals and demonstrate once again that the 95 year heritage of traditional craftsmanship is not forgotten at Sanwa Tajima.

Grillwork & Railing

Restoration Revitalizing cultural heritage

Architectures are grandiose monuments that endure long beyond the time of their creation, reflecting the
spirit of the people who lived at that time as well as contemporary needs. We think it is important to pass
on the essence of architecture created by history to future generations as our common heritage.
Sanwa Tajima, which has long experience and many achievements, restores historically valuable architectures based on extensive investigations of various source materials including the measurement and analysis of existing properties. With careful consideration of the materials and finishing state, as well as our skills and know-how backed by long tradition, we will reinstate the structure’s original condition.
By tracing the thoughts of people in the past and utilizing our supreme craftsmanship, we revive both the spirits of citizens and the techniques of craftsmen embodied in old architectures.


Ornamental Metal 〈Temple & Shrine etc.〉

Religious architecture embodies the quintessence of the supreme skills existing in each era. Metal has now become essential for the main structure thanks to the progress in materials and construction methods.
Sanwa Tajima is now the leader in new religious architecture as materials have shifted from wood to metal. Meticulous skills and craftsmanship backed by a long tradition are essential for creating metal work with true solemnity. We create splendid religious architecture with outstanding quality and grandeur. Just as religious teachings remain in people’s souls forever, our creativity will last eternally into the future.

Ornamental Metal


With the advent of guidelines requiring a percentage of each construction budget to be spent for natural and / or artistic enhancement, sculptures, monuments, reliefs, murals and other ornamental metalworks are gracing new developments in increasing numbers. Whether of your own design or a distinctive concept from our in-house Design Division, Sanwa Tajima artists, engineers, and craftsmen are at your disposal to fabricate and perfectly finish a custom metal artwork to meet the most discriminating aesthetic criteria.


English Company profile Catalog pdf